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“If it wears the seal then it’s real”

Advocate for Natural Spring Water
  • Support North Carolina Bottle Spring Water
  • NCSWA Gold Seal of Quality and assurance, certified spring water by the North Carolina department of Agriculture
  • Promote advantages of natural spring waters over other waters and as an alternate source to all other beverages
  • Truth in labeling
  • Protect consumers right to choose, maintain consumers’ idea and perception of a spring. It’s the same now as it was 100 years ago
  • Regulations to protect pure spring water sources
  • Definitions, clearly defining the difference in spring water and other waters
  • State and Federal spring water legislation to protect the consumers, distributors, spring water bottlers and certified spring water sources
  • To educate the public on natural spring water vs. other waters
  • To ensure all bottled spring water and other waters meet North Carolina standards
  • To educate and technically assist NCSWA members, to provide the best quality bottled spring water to their customers

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“If it wears the seal then it’s real”

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